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Welcome to Makimara Limited, your one-stop-shop for all your agricultural equipment needs. We are a leading supplier of high-quality irrigation equipment, including drip irrigation systems, solar water pumps, sprinklers, and pipes, as well as a range of other agricultural equipment such as milking machines, oil pressing machines, and sugar cane crushers.

With our Best-in-Class personnel and clever approaches in the e-commerce company processes, we are proud to offer significant discounts and customer satisfaction to all of our customers.

Better Prices

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Choice: We give you wide variety of specialized products to choose from. We don’t limit you to just one item, we know how to connect the dots for you to get you what you truly desire.

Great Prices: We give the best prices for a wide range of products. You can decide which best fits your needs. We are also flexible to discounts to make sure we are both happy.

Search for Products Easily: Our website comes with amazing functionalities to help you find the product you need fast and without any problems. You will not have a headache using our website for sure.

Technical Knowledge: We know what we are selling and our customer service can go head to head with you when you need the right questions answered.


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