French Bean Drip Irrigation Kit – 1 ACRE

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Practice smart farming by growing your French beans using drip irrigation.

Are you having weekly low yields on your French Bean farm? Drip irrigation will help you boost production and grow your crop all year round.

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Makimara Limited supplies and installs drip irrigation systems that can help you boost your French bean yield. Drip irrigation is great because it does all the irrigation work for you. It delivers water using a network of pipes directly to your French beans roots.

French bean irrigation is a MUST and should be working at all times. French beans are immature green pods that can easily wilt when they lack water.

The cultivation of French beans requires sufficient water for them to thrive and produce more. You must be able to provide your plants with water during long periods of drought.

French bean drip irrigation will help your plants in the following ways:

  • They will grow bigger and appear strong.
  • Production will increase and you will have more pods to harvest. This means you will get more money.
  • Your flowers will not fall off.
  • Buyers will trust you more and will always buy from you. This is because your harvest is superior to others due to quality.

How to prepare your farm for French Beans Drip Irrigation?

  1. Prepare Beds: Make 1 meter wide beds that are 1 foot high (30 cm). This will help with drainage and keep your crops healthy from water-related diseases.
  1. How to install the French Beans Drip Irrigation System : Your 1 meter wide bed can accommodate 3 lines of drip lines. Each drip line will be 20 cm from another. Make a 30 cm wide path walk-way between beds that will be used during harvesting and crop management. This design works best for optimum French bean population and production. Repeat the process throughout your farm.

The current cost of 1 Acre French Bean Drip irrigation plus labour is Ksh 143,000.


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