Hass Avocado Seedlings in Eldoret

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Growing Hass Avocado is profitable. There is a ready market for the fruit both locally and internationally. There are also local factories making Avocado Oil in Kenya, which can be your plan B if you will not be able to sell in the local or international market. Avocado farming is the way to go.

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Our Hass avocado trees will give a consistent supply of avocado fruits that can be harvested three times a year. Hass avocado trees are clearly the winners when it comes to fruit production and profitability. It only takes 2-3 years and you can start harvesting your tree.

What are the advantages of buying Hass avocado seedlings?

  • Growing hass avocado trees is like building an apartment block. Only this time you get your return of investment much earlier.
  • Our trees are grafted from proven rootstock and quality scions. Your fruits will be secured as soon as maturity hits.
  • This is a fast growing tree and you start getting fruits between 2-3 years.
  • Save money buying fruits from your local mama mboga. Harvest them straight from your trees.

Grow Hass Avocado Today

The demand for Avocado is growing globally. It not just sought in our local “Githeri” meal (mixed beans and maize delicacy) but also high in international markets such as China with populations keen on consuming healthy fruits and food.

According to Oxnard, the largest distributor of avocados in the world, avocado sales to China this year are expected to double compared to a similar period last year.

China one of the world’s largest importers of avocados imported 32,100 tonnes of the fruit in 2017 up from 31.8 tonnes in 2011.

What are the income figures for Hass Avocado Farming?

  • A farmer can plant 100 trees on a one-acre piece of land.
  • An avocado tree yields 100-150 kg of fruit per year if managed properly managed- According to Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). Grafted trees start bearing after 3-4 years after planting but an economical crop is obtainable from the sixth year.

Our nursery is located in Eldoret.  All the best!


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