Passion Fruit Drip Irrigation Kit – 1 Acre

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Passion fruits grown under drip irrigation increases the total size of the fruit, yield and greatly improves the fruit quality.


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Passion fruit has made a lot of farmers wealthy. Passion fruits are in high demand in Kenya and there is a ready market.

Passion fruit is a vigorous, shallow rooted, vine that climbs up poles using tendrils. It is mainly grown for the fresh market and juice production. It is mostly grown by small-scale farmers in Kenya due to its good returns per unit area.

Passion fruits are exported mainly to Uganda, Europe, France, Denmark, and the UK.

Passion fruits grown under drip irrigation

Grow Passion fruits under drip irrigation to get quality fruits and high yields. Drip irrigation will help you grow your fruit all year round and save water while doing it. A passion fruit needs around 60 liters of water in a weekly basis.

Passion fruits are irrigated using button drippers. Button drippers are emitters which apply water directly to the plants’ roots. All commercial passion fruit farmers in Kenya use drip irrigation.

We have two types of button drippers that can be used in passion fruit farming:

  1. Adjustable Button Dripper: These button drippers have dials on top that can be adjusted depending on your water needs. It has a water flow range of 0–70 liters per hour.
  2. Non-Adjustable Button Dripper: These are emitters that have a fixed flow rate. We have 4 liters per hour and 8 liters per hour.

1 Acre Passion Fruit Drip Irrigation Kit

1 Drip Fittings – Mini Valves, Offtakes etc
2 50mm HDPE Pipe – 100m
3 PE Ball Valves – Control Units
4 HDPE Fittings – Elbows, Male Adaptors, Female Adaptors, Tees, End Caps
5 50mm Screen Filter
6 16mm HDPE Pipe– 2100m
7 Button Drippers 1000 PCS

The list above is some of the things that are included in an irrigation system. To find out more about our services and what we can do for you, please call us on 0798857668 or 0793387901.


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