Borehole Solar Water Pumps – Deep Well

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Switch to Solar Energy and pump water from anywhere, anytime 🙂

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Solar water pumps are important in areas where there is no power and understanding the need of green energy. The benefits of solar water pumps are numerous. You can pump water from far and get it to your home or farm at absolutely no cost.

Solar pumps have little to no maintenance once you have installed them. They can run for years without the need of repair or check ups. They do not have many mechanical parts thus making them repair proof to issues that normally arise in other pump sources. Solar pumps can even run 10 years without maintenance.

3DPC3-25-24-200 200W/24V 3000L/H 25M
3DPC3-35-24-300 300W/24V 3000L/H 35M
3DPC3.5-47-48-400 400W/48V 3500L/H 47M
3DPC3.5-80-48-600 600W/48V 3500L/H 80M
3DPC3.5-80-72-600 600W/72V 3500L/H 80M
3DPC3.5-95-48-750 750W/48V 3500L/H 95M
3DPC3.5-95-72-750 750W/72V 3500L/H 95M
3DPC3.8-123-72-1100 1100W/72V 3800L/H 123M
3DPC3.8-123-110-1100 1100W/110V 3800L/H 123M
3DPC3.8-155-110-1300 1300W/110V 3800L/H 155M
3DPC3.8-180-110-1500 1500W/110V 3800L/H 180M

Our Controller Benefits

  • Waterproof IP65
  • Ambient temperature: – 15-60 degrees
  • MPPT Function
  • LED Displays
  • Frequency Conversion Function
  • Automatically Start and Stop Working Function
  • Soft Start
  • High Voltage/High Temperature/Over-Current Protection

solar pump performance curve


total head of solar pump calculation


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