Tomato Drip Irrigation Kit – 1 ACRE

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Tomatoes grown under drip irrigation increases the total size of the fruit, yield and greatly improves the quality.

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The tomato plant is probably the most grown crop in Kenya and also one of the most profitable. The demand for tomatoes is constant because most homes and restaurants use it daily in cooking food.

Tomatoes are very sensitive to both the lack and excess moisture in the soil, thus in greenhouses and open-field farming you will have to resort to drip irrigation. Drip irrigation gives the tomato the exact amount of water it needs to grow and thrive.

Irrigation generally is an important factor in tomato farming. Having constant water is important throughout the crop cycle, but mostly when the plants are in the stage prior to the formation of fruits or on high heat days.

Product Specification

1 Drip Fittings
2 50mm HDPE Pipe – 100m
3 40mm HDPE Pipe – 100m
4 PE Ball Valves – Control Units
5 HDPE Fittings – Elbows, Male Adaptors, Female Adaptors, Tees, End Caps
6 50mm Screen Filter
7 Drip irrigation Tape – 6000m



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